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Majestueux Suits recreates the tailor-made one-of-kind experience you would only expect to find in London, New York, Paris or Dubai.

Until Now

Our aim is to offer our clients full creative control and expression: you choose the fabric, the cut, color, and style, even the finishes you prefer. The result is clothing that is a true empowering extension of you.


Our services are by appointment only. Business owner Fundi Rarane and well qualified sales executives personally meets with each and every client. They are qualified to take all measurements required. You can arrange your personal consultation with Fundi directly or alternatively you can fill out our calling card and she will contact you to set up a time convenient to you.


For us, our actual consultation with you is one of the most important aspects of our engagement. We respect your time and your privacy and understand that for many of our clients, custom garments are as much a lifestyle choice as they are an indulgence. We make sure we provide an experience that does not disappoint.

You determine the time and the venue where you feel most comfortable. We reciprocate with an exclusive one-on-one where fit, style, and materials are considered and selected at leisure. Minute details like pocket placement and other defining finished can add just the perfect touch of distinction. Fundi will listen to all of your design input while offering her own insight to produce the perfect garment. When creating a suit, about 20 individual measurements are required to provide the most precise fit possible. We record each measurement as well as important style preferences in your personal file for future reference so that only minor adjustments will be required for subsequent orders.


One of the greatest benefits of using Majestueux Suits is our ability to incorporate your own unique style and create a suit that fits your lifestyle. The downside of this is that we are not able to make use of made-to-measure pieces in our production process. Each item is carefully created from scratch using the criteria specified in your consultation. These are provided to a master tailor, who will have at least 10 years or more experience in ensuring the most precise fit. They will cut and create a paper pattern based on your selected style and measurements, cut the cloth, add the chosen trimming, and finally stitch the entire piece together. While this methodology does take more time - about 4 weeks only from the time measurements are received – we believe that it’s well worth the wait.


While each garment arrives ready-to-wear, a final fitting ensures the perfect finish and takes care of any necessary last minute alterations . This is part of the delivery of the finished garment. Because timeliness and discretion are an important part of the package, our exclusive concierge service will keep you fully informed of expected timelines, as well as liaise with you to confirm a convenient time and location for your final fitting.