About Majestueux

Fundi rarane – a rare find and majestueux suits mastermind

Professional Profile

If you ask her what the best part of her job is, Fundi will promptly reply “dealing with people.” Pair this with a fanatical attention to detail and her drive to create the perfect experience and you have a product and service beyond compare. “Seeing my clients try on a finished garment and their delight in just how grand it feels to put on something that has been created specifically to make them look and feel incredible makes what we do so worthwhile.”

Majestueux Suits has been the outlet for all this passion since 2008 when a trip to China to investigate possible business opportunities took an unusual turn. Fundi returned to South Africa with some exquisite women’s clothing that she hoped would be well received by her peers. “I was working in investment banking at the time rubbing shoulders with some extremely high-end clients. I loved the idea of introducing them to something new, but wasn’t at all sure it I could pull it off. I bought everything in my own size so that if I couldn’t sell, then at least I would have a fantastic wardrobe,” she laughs.

Although the quality could have been better, the micro-venture went exceptionally well. While Fundi’s own wardrobe remained unembellished, she learned two things from the experience:

  • There was a definite market for well-made high-end garments;
  • She does both men and women's fashion. The masterpiece is in the men’s suits though. Simple and elegant, no twists and turns. She has since started ready made clothes for women which should take off in a big way. The women brand is called Dutches as there is regal is also a big element of this range.

This revelation sparked several more exploratory trips to the Far East, including Thailand and later Hong Kong . “It was a real learning curve, and I barely made a profit in those early years. But I loved every moment. I challenged myself – and my supply chain – to continually improve on what we were able to offer. Our business, reliant upon word-of-mouth, grew in both size and stature. Our reputation spread and our clients could not get enough, demanding better quality and a wider selection of materials and cuts."

And so we obliged.

Nearly a decade has passed and all this experience has been distilled, refined and packaged as Majestueux Bespoke Suits: a perfectly regal mix of sumptuous quality, rare craftsmanship and incomparable personal attention.