Frequently Asked Questions

With current trends, a 2 button single breasted suits with a peak or notch lapel is our most popular style.
These are simply descriptions of how close-fitting your suit will be. If you are fond of a little comfort in your suit, then the comfortable fit is for you; alternatively, the slim fit provides a neat tapered look to the jacket. In general, the relaxed or slim fit is what most people are used to. Super-slim fit, however, can take some getting used to, but is extremely flattering on some body-shapes and very popular with sports men.
When we meet you, as a service we offer advice on the best cut, fabric and style for you based on your taste and needs. Some styles suit some shapes better than others, and we can offer advice on this regard. Our only concern is that you will look like James Bond amongst your peers and business associates.
Yes you can provide us with your own material when you place an order with us.

You will always look smarter and classier in a bespoke than off the rack.

  • We only make garments individually. This means that you pick the fabric out of thousands of swatches and personalize it with your own choice of style. The garments are cut keeping your shape and measurements in mind. In your local store, you will need to pick from already made suits and compromise on design, fabric and fit. No one is a small, medium or large, so why should your suits be?
  • Quality over Quantity

    We believe in quality and class. In today’s time, suits are being manufactured by machines which only understand numbers and churning out hundreds of suits at once. Our tailors work on a single suit for hours, working with the fabric, your measurements and body posture to make a suit which will not only fit your size, but also your lifestyle. We take time to understand the needs of the customer and then tailor a suit around them.
You don't have to settle for the one or two gray pinstripe suits you would find on the rack in a department store. We offer you gray pinstripes in a variety of fabrics, shades, weights, textures, etc.; dozens of styling options - vest or no vest; center or side vent; slash pockets, flap pockets, straight pockets or no pockets, one-two-three, or four-buttons. Plus an almost infinite range of detailing options, functional or ornamental sleeve buttonholes.
We ship via many courier providers and can ship your order to you, wherever you may be.
Our custom shirts range in price from US$80 to US$110, depending on the material. Suits range from US $500 to US$2,000, also depending on the material. We have over 1,000 fabrics and there is an understandable variation in quality and price thereof.

Getting a Bespoke suit from us is simple. The process is simple and efficient.

  1. Book an appointment with us telephonically or email.
  2. When we meet, our tailors will discuss your requirements and show you fabric swatches which we carry with us. But don’t worry; we will help you pick the best fabric as per your requirements.
  3. Once we know the fabric, we will discuss the style of the garment. How many buttons on the Jacket? Pleated trousers or flat fronts? Collar style of the shirt? All these questions and more will be discussed in the meeting. We will give you our opinion as well so you can make an informed decision.
  4. Detailed measurements will be taken at this time. We take a lot of measurements for better fit and sometimes take digital photographs of the customer. These photographs are used to determine the body posture, shoulder shape and any other details. These photographs are put up on the tailors desk while the suit is being made to determine the shape and cut of the Suit as per the customer’s body.
  5. The order is emailed to Hong Kong where the fabric is cut right away and handed over to the tailor for further processing. Once the garments are finished and quality checked, they are shipped to the customer. It usually takes between 4-6 weeks to ship.
  6. The customer can bring or we can collect the garment if any alterations are required or if one needs a second opinion. All fittings and alterations are free of cost.
Yes, we offer a wide range of plain and fancy linings for you to choose from.
Yes! Just send us the garment or a detailed picture of the item you want with your order.
Once you have received your garments, kindly have them steam pressed by your local dry cleaners to remove the creases. Try on the garments once crease free. The suits and shirts normally fit fine the first time, but may require alterations. Having fittings are a part and parcel of getting a bespoke suit or shirt made. Please let us know so we can to come and see you for alterations if you require them. We usually send only 1 suit and 1 shirt for fitting even if you have ordered more. If the garments fit fine the first time, you will need to let us know as your remaining garments will need to be finished and mailed to you. All alterations are done free of charge.
When you order more than 1 suit/shirt, we send out one first as a trial/fitting. When you receive your first suit/shirt, you should inform us of the fit so that we can proceed in making your remaining order.

All of our bespoke suits are made from the finest British and Italian fabrics and so you will find that they last considerably longer. The following suggestions will help you to get the most out of your bespoke suit:

  1. The simple solution to increasing the life of your suit is to rotate a number of suits, wearing them less.
  2. You will find that your trousers are subject to far more everyday wear and tear than your jacket. Purchasing an extra pair of trousers could potentially double the life of your bespoke suit. There is no reason that the two pairs of trousers should be exactly the same style either, enabling you to vary the style of your full suit.
  3. Make sure you take your suit to specialist dry cleaners.
  4. Look after your suits when you are wearing them; try not to carry bulky items in your pockets as they will alter the structure of the fabric.
  5. Try to avoid wearing your jacket when travelling, and always hang your suit up wherever possible.
Yes, once we measure you we will have your record on file for ten years. Thus reordering suits is much easier in the future unless your weight changes.
If you have ordered from us before, you do not need to get measured again unless you feel your measurements have altered. We store your measurements on file, so you can meet us to pick out your fabric and style.
A bespoke suit requires a lot of time and effort from the tailor. Since it is a handmade garment, there is a possibility that it may require some alterations to make it better. We provide these alterations for free. If for any reason the garment cannot be altered, we will happily remake the garment from scratch.